Technical Architect

SRE / DevOps Engineer

EC2, Elastic BeanstalkAnsibleAmazon LinuxElasticsearch
Lambda, API GatewayPuppetUbuntuLogstash
ECS, FargateJira, ConfluenceCentOSKibana
S3, EFS, GlacierCI/CDLanguagesFluent
RDS, DynamoDB, RedshiftGit, Hq, SvnGoMonitoring
VPC, CloudFrontBambooPythonELK
CodeDeployKubernetesBashCustom checks written in Ruby, Go, NodeJS, and Bash
CloudWatch, AutoScaling, CloudFormationTerraformHTML, CSS
ElasticSearchConsulSecurityAPI monitoring using Ruby and Go
Directory ServiceetcdQualys
SES, WorkMailDatabasesmod_securityGrafana
Web ServicesCassandraSAML2, SimpleSAMLphp, Shibboleth2Statsd
TomcatRedshiftKali LinuxVirtualbox
TraefikAmazon RDSnmap, ncDocker, LXD
Jekyll, s3_websiteAmazon AuroraClamAVpfSense

Principal DevOps Engineer

AUG 2019 - AUG 2020

  • Implemented SOC2 compliance program.
  • Provisioned infrastructure using Terraform.
  • Established server configuration management using Ansible.
  • Secured production infrastructure by building out multi-tiered architecture with bastion host isolation.

StarWars CCG Volunteer

Website hosting and infrastructure team

  • Migrated infrastructure from Dreamhost to AWS.
  • Designed new robust hosting infrastructure that would support load.
  • Standardized infrastructure provisioning using Terraform and Ansible.
  • Automatd deployments using GitHub Actions.

LoopPay / SamsungPay

Senior Staff Engineer for TechOps

DEC 2014 - JUN 2019

  • Technical lead for DevOps team.
  • Responsible for the operations of the Samsung Pay Value Added Services.
  • Designer of hosting architecture.
  • Operation of multiple Cassandra clusters.
  • Operation of Amazon RDS MySQL.
  • Amazon Lambda hosted NodeJS and PHP apps
  • Static websites hosted on Amazon S3+Cloudfront
  • Responsible for maintaining security of on-prem and in-cloud infrastructure.
  • Achieved PCI-DSS certification with AOC from external audit.
  • SOC2 certification from external audit.
  • Custom internal and external monitoring using Check_MK
  • Tooling for deployments of Java Play Framework, gRPC, Tomcat, and Springboot based applications.
  • Use of Docker for several deployments leveraging Kubernetes.
  • Blue/Green Deployments.
  • CI/CD using Bamboo and Jenkins
  • Operation of a multi-key HSM backed SSL CA for secure partner to API MutualSSL connections.

DeskNet Inc

Systems Administrator

FEB 2012 - NOV 2014

  • Technical lead for DevOps team.
  • Puppetized infrastructure
  • EC2-hosted Selenium Grid created on-demand using Jenkins and AutoScaling.
  • WordPress website hosting using Elastic Beanstalk and RDS.
  • SAML2 IdP and Service Providers using Shibboleth and SimpleSAMLphp
  • Custom IdP solution using SimpleSAMLphp and Amazon SimpleDB.
  • Converted datacenter hosted app to AWS hosted and scaled.
  • Created PostgreSQL database migrations using ActiveRecord.
  • Centralized logging with ELK Stack: Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash, using Amazon SQS for reliable message delivery.
  • Dynamically update Xymon monitoring configuration.
  • Self-healing server recipes for Monit.
  • CI/CD using Jenkins

Web Development and Systems Manager

APR 2008 - APR 2011

  • Technical lead for development team.
  • Datacenter migrations
  • Hosting on Amazon EC2
  • Agile Scrum Master
  • LAMP hosting on CentOS
  • Updated outdated PHP code
  • Migrated static website hosting to Drupal

Lucidus Corporation

Configuration Manager

DEC 2006 - APR 2008

  • Amazon EC2
  • LAMP website hosting using CentOS and Ubuntu
  • Custom site and server monitoring
  • Datacenter migrations

Kingsbury Corporation

Systems Administrator

MAY 2004 - DEC 2006

  • CentOS Linux
  • OpenWall (OWL) Linux
  • LAMP website hosting
  • Samba NT4 Domain Authentication
  • Postfix and Dovecot mail hosting 603-313-6916